What's going on?

Wednesday 16 February 2005, 12:42

I know I haven’t written anything for a while. Quite a long while, actually. Thought I’d do an update on what’s going on.

The two main parts of my life at the moment are a kid and a new job. We’re expecting our second child any day – planned for February 21, and I’ll start my new job at February 28 (not really a new job as such, rather the same job but at another department). So those events take quite a bit off my attention at the moment.

I’ve done a few new pieces though – I’m sure you all check the downloads regularly, so you knew that already ;) And I’ve got a few ideas for the future. Some for my own creativity and some involve others and you will be invited to participate. But more of all that later when I’ve got more time and can give them more attention.

In the meantime expect new pieces occasionally. Be sure to check back on a regular basis.


about funkis.org

Monday 01 November 2004, 18:01
funkis_worker_trans.gifhi there

thought i might give some info on all this - more to come? maybe...

i do, mainly, dark ambient/soundscape things. though i have done some feeble attempts on more beat oriented things as well. go get them at the downloads.

some history:

i played in various punk constellations back in the 80s.

I also founded Mökrunkers, which for a while was a very infamous noise band in Stockholm (it was basically just me on vocals and a flanger, but I handed out memberships to people and anyone that had one could join in at concerts - which we only did without any prior notice. not even, and especially not, to those who arranged the concert, festival, party or what so ever)

I, or rather my band Strängbetong (a heavily Einstürzende Neubauten inspered twelve members industrial band playing on scrap, steel pipes, barrels, drills, pneumatic machinery...), was accused for killing the Swedish industrial scene in the 80s.

in the early 90s I made some sound sculpting in the name off Efferus Exidium, with some very basic equipment - a radio studio with reel tape recorders, turntables and stuff, and at home with an ordinary cassette radio and a home stereo. that work can be found amongs the downloads.

in early 2004 I picked up some software and started to produce again. and it was, and still is, fun :)


3 Notes and Runnin

Thursday 16 September 2004, 23:14
funkis_worker_trans.gifI got an e-mail from www.downhillbattle.org today.

" We are very proud to announce a new project to respond to and protest and last week's major court ruling on sampling.  It's called "3 Notes and Runnin'". There are a lot of important music, law, and music industry issues entailed. I'll let the site explain:


Please help us spread the word-- and maybe the musicians out there will want to send something in....

off course i couldn't resist to enter. so i made this litlle piece jutabluselizeist wich, off course, doesn't mean a damn thing.



Now is the End

Friday 03 September 2004, 09:24

Don't worrie, it's not the end of the site, nor the end of me creating new musical pieces. It's simply the title of my new Dark Ambient pice.

Check it out.


Efferus Exidium

Tuesday 31 August 2004, 14:29

Ever woundered where it all started? Well who doesn't. I won't go back to the verry beggining, just a mere 15 odd years to the late 80's early 90's. As from now you can dig in to Efferus Exidium, my old project. Developed arround some recordings made at radio studios and at home with reel tape recorders, turtables, cassette decks and an old Roland TR808.

Check it out.


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