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22:59 lördag 30 augusti 2014

Smuttar vidare. – Drinking an IPA Is Dead Kohatu by

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  1. OK, so I don’t have a Harvard MBA, just the Phl-sdelphiaiiasue kind. It would be great if someone could explain in non-sports-fan but cash-flow-literate terms just why it is that a professional sports team isn’t expected to fund itself from ticket sales, media rights and maybe parking, concessions etc. Why do they always seem to demand public funds? If these are such terrific, well-loved cash cows, why ask Portlanders for a handout?Also, is this the business model that a top team like say Man U or Yankees runs on? If so, WHY?

  2. É que é isso mesmo, sem tirar nem pôr. Para se ser presidente de um clube como o Benfica, a pessoa em causa deveria ser inteligente, ponderada, dona de um bom senso inquestionável e ser um senhor. Quatro requisitos que o actual líder não tem.

  3. I was kinda hoping they’d get native English-speakers to voice Angela and Sue… *sigh* oh well… hopefully the voices they chose will come out well enough.

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