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by olle

Dark Ambient/Soundscapes/Drones - basicly the same as Funkis/Anulaibar, just using my real name...
Dark Ambient/Soundscapes/Drones
Electronica. Sort of...
Ever woundered where it all started? Well who doesn't.

Pitroghucy released november 12 2006
Pitroghucy front coverAs we step in to the music of Pitroghucy, we also step in to empty factories, deserted warehouses and isolated buildings. Inspired by these abandoned places Olle Svensk has created a piece off work that brings the listener on an urban exploration in sound. What may we find in the dark? Which creatures dwell amongst the debris? Who might we meet deep in these tunnels? Might it be ourselves? Is it our own subconsiousness, spawning from deep inside our minds?
Early in the mornings when I'm walking to my job I use to listen to music in my mp3 player. One morning when I listened to Pitroghucy by Olle Svensk, something unusual happened. I walked the wrong way! The cause might be that I was tired, and that I´m used to walk the same road several times, but that´s not all there was to it. A reason might also be the music. I lost myself in the music in a mediative condition, my body walked by itself while my present was in Pitroghucy dark geography. This has never happened to me before, and I think this occurrence explain what kind of intense music Olle Svensk successfully has created
- Markus Åberg, TLHOTRA 

Exploración entre atmósferas oscuras y lineales, con una calma apenas alterada (y en todo caso de manera sutil) a lo largo de la hora que dura el tema.
En cette période assez calme, voici une une nouvelle prod sur le netlabel Two left hands on two right arms : Olle Svensk - Pitroghucy. Entre dark-ambient et soundscape, cette sympathique petite release se laisse volontier écouter.

The following review is from the russian site Radiodrone. Unfortunately my russian isn't nearly as good as it should be to grasp wheteher they like it or not. If anyone who knows russian want to make an traslation Id be delighted!

Некий Markus Aberg, решившийся анонсировать данный релиз на сайте TLHOTRA, начинает свое ревю следующими словами: «Early in the mornings when I'm walking to work I use to listen to music in my mp3 player. One morning when I listened to Pitroghucy by Olle Svensk, something unusual happened. I walked the wrong way!» И немудрено. Прослушивать музыку Olle Svensk (он же Funkis/Anulaibar) следует с некоторыми предосторожностями – существуют большие шансы впасть в глубокий транс, заехать по бессознанке в глухую промзону и надолго потеряться там среди гулких дебаркадеров и заброшенных цехов. Шестидесятиминутная запись, сделанная Olle Svensk в недрах какого-то промышленного гетто, похожа на монотонную индустриальную кому. И если бы не уникальная в своем роде трехмерная тоннельная акустика, позволяющая мысленно организовать звуковое пространство альбома, слушать оный было бы совсем тяжко.
Звучание Pitroghucy наполовину состоит из равномерного гула, производимого естественно возникающими воздушными потоками, насквозь пронизывающими всё и вся. Вторая же половина приходится на позвякиванья металлических предметов - судя по всему труб различного диаметра, глухих стонов электропоездов (вроде бы) и прочих плохо поддающихся идентификации и спорадически возникающих механических звуков. По атмосфере альбом Olle Svensk напомнил мне последнюю работу Where – Wererat, но еще более пугающую, в особености своей онтологической механоморфной бездушностью.

Net release through TLHOTRA
Total playing time: 60:58
The following sounds from the Freesound Project has been used
by peke

Arfihorpotis released may 27 2006
Arfihorpotis front coverArfihorpotis is not an album. Arfihorpotis is a work that should be considered as one piece of music. It consists of five movements, from harsh sounds to drones.
The work is an example of drone music, but one that goes from the quieter moments to louder parts, and doesn't necessarily stay on one particular stance. From the opening metallic rumble (with lots of reverb) the work shifts back down into the depths of slowly developing tones and drones. Sometimes things move very slowly and nothing seems to be happening, but that creates at the same time a hypnotic effect, without leaping into boredom.
- Frans deWaard Vital Weekly 546

On a ghostly way this music etches itself into my consciousness and wants me to have more. This is so great. I want more. The jury says full pot.
- John Wikström Neurozine

The material within could best be summed up as dark ambient drone that is executed in a very slick and stylish manner for the most part. You get a lot of very slow brooding reverberated dead computer sounds that are really nice, a lot of good cold ominous drones. At times it sounds like backwards metal scrapings and at times it sounds like someone took a circuit bent toy and tuned the pitch way, way down. It's kind of reminiscent of Cordell Klier in that sense, but it has it's own style for sure.
- Royce Icon

Other apperances

Death Posture
This compilation shows what different people can create when given the same samples.

Det jag har gjort får aldrig glömmas bort
Music and some additional background sounds to a film by Erik Bovin, Chris Gardner och Jon Hildbrand. Stockholms Filmskola, 2006.

We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown
"A Nordic dark ambient compilation of eight sparkling tracks.
Somnivore - Sought by few, scared by many [Karelia, 1818] (Finland)
A track previously released on the limited cd-r album: 1818 - 1991
Funkis/Anulaibar - Pencumbeliig (Sweden)
Olle from Funkis/Anulaibar is also involved and a member of SEAMS, a society for electro acoustic music in Sweden.
CTACIK - K (Sweden)
To take part in this compilation there was a time limit on fifteen minutes. CTACIK´s contribution ends exactly at 14:59.
Krishve - Ol´ Nick (Denmark)
"But now ... Now I'm in trouble. The noises have started taking over my life".
Midikill - Firefly (Norway, Denmark)
Recorded live in April 2006, Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
Dense vision shrine - Ego universe (Norway)
Behind Dense vision shrine is Karsten Hamre. A man also known as Defraktor, Arcane art, and Peniten.
Aural whiteout - Visual blackout (remix) (Norway)
The main instrument Aural Whiteout use in his music is with an electric guitar.
Arash Moori - Magpie on the gallows (Finland)
Arash Moori have made, along with other things, music for art exhibitions and installations.

”Zwei Menschen treffen in einer entvölkerten Umgebung aufeinander. Beide vereint die gleiche Hoffnungslosigkeit und Resignation im Angesicht des bevorstehenden Todes.
end/time ist ein Re-Cut des 2001 enstandenen Kurzfilms La Fin du Temps. Neben einem alternativen Ende und einer strafferen Montage, unterscheidet sich auch das Bildformat und das Musikkonzept vom Ursprungsfilm.”
Awful Majesty/ Funkis-Anulaibar/ Chicks Dig Noise/ Mutant Ape - split 4 way C-60 cassette
“4 way split from these excellent acts, two noise and two ambient/ drone based! Awful Majesty deliver up an amazing track of dark, deep experimental ambient, slightly noisy and glitchy and utterly immersive. Straight after this is the stunning bass heavy droning ambient of Funkis/Anulaibar, soundscapes for the dark of heart...
Flip this over for the aural equivelant of an acid enema, Chicks Dig Noise bring us a brutal yet beautiful tweeter heavy noise workout, full on harshness and insanely destructive tonal hell. And as if that wasn't enough Mutant Ape follow up with a track of crushing, bass heavy electronics, shredding noise and volcanic distortion overloads.”
Photophob – mixes/d
”a remix album, containing 14 mixes from and for photophob and providing a quite wide range of different styles from industrial to ambient.”
The Dronezone
"The Dronezone project is a drone-based piece made up of parts (sound layers) contributed by different people. The idea is that it will grow and change as more sounds are added."
Soulseek Sampling Series
"The Soulseek Sampling Series is a monthly project that essentially is about an artist gathering together his/her favorite samples to make a sample pack and the rest of soulseek artists make a song from those samples and those samples only."

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