About Funkis/Anulaibar
About Funkis/Anuliabar

by olle

Funkis/Anulaibar is the present name for my Dark Ambient/Soundscape/Drone project/act.

I try, within my work, to catch a feeling of the unknown, unidentified, indefinite. A sense of uncertainty of what's to come. Not necessarily insecure, more a thrilling lust to explore the unknown. Unknowingly off what you may find, you may step into the realms of the soundscapes and atmospheres. Sometimes it will be pleasant, sometimes frightening. Just like stepping into your own unconsciousness.


I played in various punk constellations back in the 80s.

I also founded Mökrunkers, which for a while was a very infamous noise band in Stockholm (it was basically just me on vocals and a flanger, but I handed out memberships to people and anyone that had one could join in at concerts - which we only did without any prior notice. not even, and especially not, to those who arranged the concert, festival, party or what so ever)

I, or rather my band Strängbetong (a heavily Einstürzende Neubauten inspered twelve members industrial band playing on scrap, steel pipes, barrels, drills, pneumatic machinery...), was accused for killing the Swedish industrial scene in the 80s.

in the early 90s I made some sound sculpting in the name off Efferus Exidium, with some very basic equipment - a radio studio with reel tape recorders, turntables and stuff, and at home with an ordinary cassette radio and a home stereo. that work can be found amongs the downloads.

Funkis\' music is very similar to my own music. It\'s very creepy and dark. Extremely cinematic. You might want to listen with the lights on...
All of the tracks are good, but my favorite is Dientus (and the Dientus (remix) version). And I was reminded a little of the Myst soundtrack when listening to iinedean. Very cool.
- http://bpgisme.com/basestation/ -

Very taken aback by your sonic prowess, you\'re a true experimentalist good sir, I\'ve listened to many artists, that use the repetitious static, slowly delay of evolving pads,ect, ect, and they call it ambient/industrial/whateverblablageayj but you my friend have really put some faith into the genre, Chainsnap really gave me a sonic joygasm...
your work is quite evolving, and rather invocative of strange emotions and thought processes.
basically i wanted to say:
Great Work!
- Brandon Dai Cahal
[A Field of Black Orchids]

Your sound placement alone is something to comment on...
The music places you where you need to be
Remember we all listen
- Disturbed Earth

Nice Textures Brother, Quality
- Project Horsed

Your work\'s really oppressive and gloomy. Keep it up!
- odkid

What can I say which hasn\'t already been said before. Thank you, I am truely honored to be here. The site is masterful, and the music is awe inspiring…
- D`Void of Compassion

Really stunning music - I like what you do! Dark and deep, made me feel cold and scared on a hot sunny day!
- Regolith

\'catching a feeling of the unknown\' is a perfect phrase...hits the spot exactly...
- helena gough

Your sonic manipulations with samples and fieldrecording is really impressive!
- Szymon Tankiewicz –

I m happy to discover your music, I like it.

good sound!!!
- zrl –

Hi! Nice sounds you got there!
- Elin –

brilliant and detailed sound researches ...
- sator absentia –

I like a lot your sounds, very dark atmospheres.
I hope soon to listnen more from your great work
- Eletrólise –

beautiful sound. keep on.
- Nightech –

Bra mørk ambient ! Stå på !!
- Taphephobia –

great, ear-opening material!
- Broken Sleep –

I just got around to actually listening.... I like this!
- Corey Lento –

Good to see another person writing quality dark music.
- Nick –

I think that it is a sound that sounds in a very mysterious space.
I like your deep sounds.

Always incredibly brilliant sounds.
- Nimheil –

amazing work & great textures!
- the sound gallery –

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