Fria Ligan

15:41 onsdag 5 juli 2017

Kickstarterern för den tredje och sista boken i Simon Stålenhags slinganserie är igång.

Fria Ligan

Simon Stålenhag’s new narrative artbook THE ELECTRIC STATE is now LIVE on KICKSTARTER. Get in there fast if you to snag the limited rewards!

Simon Stålenhag is the internationally acclaimed author, concept designer and artist behind Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood. His highly imaginative images and stories depicting illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes have made Stålenhag one of the most sought-after visual storytellers in the world.

In The Electric State, Stålenhag turns his unique vision to America. With your support, these amazing images will turn into a top-quality narrative artbook, truly doing justice to the extreme attention to detail and quality of Stålenhag’s work.

PS. Boken kommer även i svensk utgåva.

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